Unaffiliated Voters constitute approximately 36.61% of the electorate at the County level. Yet, we did not constitute 1/3 of actual votes in the 2014 Mid-term. We offer this cyber community as a forum for discussion and a place to find credible information regarding candidates and issues that affect Arapahoe County. Whether you lean right or left or away, we welcome your participation and presence.

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Earth Day program.  April 18, 2015. Prince of Paeace Church at 7000 S. Windermere St. Includes modifying grounds and parking lot. This project will be aimed at reducing carbon in the atmosphere, cooling the area and rain water gardening. Volunteers needed to help with the heavy work and to feed the volunteers. Photographers, videographers, writers, journalists invited as well as all members of the community. This is being cosponsored by Working Families Initiative, HD38 Dems, Woodbine Ecology Center,350.org and other environmental and activist groups

Forum on Community Prosperity and the Affordability of Higher Education. June 13, 2015. Prince of Peace Church, 7000 S. Windermere, Littleton 80120.  10am-12:30pm. Speakers include Rosemary Rodriguez (Sen. Michael Bennet’s office), Carol Hedges (Executive Director, Colorado Fiscal Institute), and Ian Belter (Progress Now).

Forum on Community Prosperity: Creating Wealth Locally. July 18, 2015. Prince of Peace Church, 7000 S. Windermere, Littleton 80120.

EDITORIAL PAGE: Tracing the Confederacy as it Co-opted the Republican Party

The national conversation is focused on the 47 “Republican” senators who sent an ill-informed, constitutionally ungrounded letter to the leadership of Iran. Who in turn schooled these political toddlers in international and U.S. law. Instead of calling them traitors, let us be accurate and call them Confederates. Their flag flies from West Virginia to Florida. They celebrate their leaders from the Civil War. What they failed to achieve with that war, they are accomplishing through bureaucracy. They are re-litigating issues of secession and states rights with all the racism and venom that should have been settled 150 years ago.

Accurately frame the conversation in terms of the Confederacy and force them to defend their truest values. You’ll be appalled at how many are willing to own it.


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