About Us

Guiding Principle: Opinions should be the result of facts, not the other way around.  Informed partisanship reflects values; uninformed partisanship is divisive and pollutes the national conversation. Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters  holds that “facts” by definition are true. Interpretations vary, and there is opportunity for discussion.

Committee Membership: By invitation only.

–Responsibilities include: Contributing and editing website content; fact-checking; organizing forums, debates, Meet and Greets and other venues for candidate-constituent interactions; development of candidate questionnaires and corresponding rating system; developing voter guides, rating candidates

–Privileges include: Determining endorsements and level of financial contribution for candidates and issues

–Party affiliation is not restricted.


–Responsibilities include: Clearly stating party affiliation; providing citations and/or reference material for information presented as fact, sources must be credible.

–Any reader may contribute content, resources, event information.

Donations: For IRS purposes, ACUV is designated as a 527 Political Organization. All donations are on the public record. Funds support candidate, issue, and community forums, debates, Meet and Greet, and other events. We also make campaign contributions to candidates whose record and/or positions adhere to the mission.